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Valentin Cazacu -
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Emilia Cotoi -
Ioan Garbulet -
Eugen Huruba -
Florea Magureanu & George Magureanu Poptean -
Oliviu Puie -
Sebastian Spinei -
Teodor Bodoasca -
Emilia Cotoi -
Bogdan Dumitrache -
Ioan Lazar -
Ioan Les -
Florea Magureanu & George Magureanu Poptean -
Evelina Oprina -
Oliviu Puie -
Pelayia Yessiou-Faltsi -
Natalie Fricero -
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Dumitru Florescu & Theodor Mrejeru -
Ioan Garbulet -
Evelina Oprina -
Mirela Stancu -
Alice Cristina Maria Zdanovschi -
Teodor Bodoasca & Aurelia Draghici -
Corneliu Vrabie -
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Ioan Ganfalean & Ioan Lazar -
Ioan Garbulet -
Ioan Les & Sebastian Spinei -
Oliviu Puie -
Ioan Sabau Pop -
Olimpiu Aurelian Sabau-Pop -
Alice Cristina Maria Zdanovschi -
Roger Dujardin -
Frederique Ferrand -
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Teodor Bodoasca -
Radu I. Motica & Florin I. Mangu -
Gabriela Raducan -
Ioan Sabau-Pop -
Adrian Stoica -
Jacqueline Lohoues-Oble -
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Ioan Garbulet -
Evelina Oprina -
Oliviu Puie -
Mirela Stancu -
Alina Mihaela Ungureanu -
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Gabriela Padurariu -
Oliviu Puie -
Tereacã Cornel Toma -
Ioan Garbulet -
Brandusa Marian & Eugen Huruba -
Ioan Lazar -
Gabriela Padurariu -
Oliviu Puie -
Ioan Sabau-Pop -
Roman Talmaci & Oxana Novicov -
Cornel Toma Tereaca -
Marius Claici & Ana Valentina Claici -
Emilia Cotoi -
Evelina Oprina -
Gabriela Padurariu -
Florin Radu -
Adrian Stoica -
Andreea Tabacu & Ioana Cristian -
Mircea Ursuta -
Bãncilã Andrei - Approaches on the special review case covered by article 21 par. 1 of law no. 554/2004 on administrative litigation, brought about under the ruling passed by the ecj in case tatu
Ioan Garbulet - Disciplinary liability of bailiff
Evelina Oprina - The legal nature of disputes with the object of accompanying bills, checks and promissory notes by an order for enforcement
Alina Mihaela Ungureanu - Approaches on legislative amendments under the new code of civil procedure in terms of enforcement
Emilia Lucia Catana - Facilities granted for public institutions by recent legislative changes in relation to the execution of their payment obligations established by enforceable titles
Ioan Gârbuleþ - Disciplinary measures against bailiffs grounded on resolutions passed by the national union of bailiffs
Gheorghe-Iulian Ioniþã - Approaches on the status of the bailiff and particularities of committing criminal liability thereof
George Magureanu - Some aspects regarding the legal prescription terms and the right to ask and seek enforcement or tax refunds compensation claims
Evelina Oprina - Rules regarding the carry out by the judicial bailiff of the enforcement acts under the new code of civil procedure
Teodor Bodoasca - Some critical issues in regulation of Law no. 287/2009 on Civil Code
Lacrima Rodica Boila -
Bogdan Cristea - Inadmissibility of the second appeal directed against the resolution on the summary judgment of the promissory note
Bogdan Cristea & Evelina Oprina - The meaning of the concept of “court of enforcement” with reference to its duty of approving compulsory execution
Ioan Garbulet - Resolutions of the court enforcement officer according to the new code of civil procedure
Ioan Lazar - Discussions regarding the nature of the foreclosure and of the biliff’s activity for the settlement of the new civil procedure code
Ioan Les & Adrian Stoica - The status of the profession of bailiff in the contemporary world: realities and perspectives
Andreea Tabacu & Ramona Duminica - Enforceable titles in the new civil code
Théodor Énoné Éboh -
Emilia Cotoi - Territorial competence in the field of enforcement
Camelia Gagu & Constantin-Adi Gavrilã - Mediation settlement of disputes in the stage of forced execution
George Mãgureanu - Regulations of the new code of civil procedures on the enforcement of judgments involving minor children
Gabriela Pãdurariu - Considerations regarding the commitment of the criminal offence of embezzlement of assets under seizure set forth in art. 244 of the criminal code in case of registration of mortgages
Roxana-Mariana Popescu & Evelina Oprina - Fiducia and its implications regarding forced execution
Luminita Tuleasca - Certain incidents of the garnishment in the matter of the obligations of professionals, former traders
Emilia Cotoi - Law no. 287/2011 – one major step towards the plenitude of competence of the legal executors
Claudiu Constantin Dinu - Aspects concerning the writs of execution settled in the field of the special civil procedures of the new civil procedure code
Gabriela Padurariu - Considerations regarding the procedural framework adequate to the judgment of the request related to the radiation of the mortgage inscription representing criminal foreclosure
Liviu-Alexandru Viorel - Cancellation of the conclusion that approves enforcement – a creation of jurisprudence
Emilia Cotoi - Stages of the civil trial in light of the New Code of Civil procedure
Ioan Garbulet - De lege ferenda proposals relating to the disciplinary liability of the bailiff
Eugen Huruba - The territorial jurisdiction of law courts subject to the provisions of law no. 134/2010 on the code of civil procedure
Evelina Oprina - Temporal enforcement of the new civil code in terms of the provisions conferring enforceable nature to certain types of contracts
Nicolae Ploesteanu & Adrian Boanta - Controversy in terms of enforcement by seizure of public institutions
Adrian Boanta - Execution of judgments regarding minor children. Evolution, considerations and controversies
Romulus Gidro - Considerations regarding the revocation of the decision of dismissal and execution of judgments in the matter of the reintegration into the labor market
Ioan Garbulet - Execution proceedings between the excessive formalism, the lack of regulating certain important aspects of the forced execution
Ioan Lazar - Validation of the garnishment in the present and future Code of civil procedure, approvative note by lecturer univ. dr. Mircea Ursuta
Ioan Les - Considerations regarding the liquidation of the forced execution costs in civil matters
Evelina Oprina - Theoretical and practical aspects aiming at the forced execution costs in the regulation of the new Code of civil procedure
Andreea Tabacu - The judgment, a writ of execution according to the New Code of civil procedure
Camelia Gagu - Can the professions of bailiff and ombudsman be practiced simultaneously?
Eugen Hurubã - Rejection and replacement of the bailiff in the regulation of the new Code of civil procedure
Eugen Huruba - Rejection and replacement of the bailiff in the regulation of the new Code of civil procedure
Ioan Les - Competence for execution in the new Code of civil procedure
Verginel Lozneanu & Vlad Barbu & Pavel Bebi - Debates on the plea of lack of prior procedure in the matter of imprevision
George Mãgureanu & Florea Mãgureanu - Considerations on the regulations brought by the new code of civil procedure regarding the performance of the activity of forced execution within due and predictable time and based upon advertising
Evelina Oprina & Ioan Gârbuleţ - Bailiff’s replacement in the present and future Code of civil procedure
Oliviu Puie - Amendments and supplements to the Administrative Law no. 554/2004 by Law no. 76/2012 for the enforcement of Law no. 134/2010 on the Code of civil procedure in the matter of the enforcement of the court decisions rendered by the administrative courts
Valeriu Capcelea - Amendments and supplements to the Administrative Law no. 554/2004 by Law no. 76/2012 for the enforcement of Law no. 134/2010 on the Code of civil procedure in the matter of the enforcement of the court decisions rendered by the administrative courts
Marius Chelaru - Implementation of joint property with a job
Maria Fodor - New elements regarding of the consent foreclosur
Ioan Gârbuleţ - Aspects concerning the obligation for payment of judicial stamp duties in forced execution matters
Stela Florentina IVAN - Some considerations about the incidence of art. 36 provisions from law no. 85/2006 concerning the insolvency procedure in case of forced execution of fidejussor debtor being in insolvecy and the proces of validating the wage garnishment in case of insolvent estate debtor
Ioan Les - Call for implementation in the regulation of the new Code of civil procedure
Adrian Stoica - The institution of judicial caution in the light of the new Civil procedure Code
Alina Ungureanu - Limits in which may be exercised the call for the execution
Mihail Dinu - Short considerations regarding the forced execution based on the contract for legal assistance, in terms of new regulations of Civil Procedure
Teodor Bodoaşcă & Aurelia Drăghici - Critical considerations regarding the usage of the term “goods” in the provisions of Law no 287/2009 regarding the civil Code
Irina Olivia Călinescu - The possibility to invoke substantive defenses in the enforcement challenge procedure against a writ of enforcement consisting in a demand of payment
Emilia Cotoi - The concurrence between enforcement and the execution initiated by a creditor
Claudiu Constantin Dinu - Procedural aspects related to the creditor’s intervention during the enforcement started by another creditor
Eugen Hurubă - Formalities prior to real estate auction
Verginel Lozneanu & Vlad Barbu - The role of public force agents in enforcement
Roxana Mariana Popescu - Applicability of the Regulation no. 805/20044 establishing an European enforcement order for uncontested claims
Roxana Stanciu - Legal aid regarding the bail due to suspended enforcement – realistic perspectives in the context of the present legislation
Mihai Şandru & Mihai Banu & Dragoş Călin - Attempts of using the preliminary ruling in the enforcement procedure before the romanian courts of justice
Andreea Tabacu - Enforcement costs in the new Code of civil procedure
Valeriu Capcelea - Ethical values and principles in the civil trial and enforcement procedure
Judecător dr. Ramona Cristina Duţă - Enforceability in conventional dating schemes
Conf. univ. dr. Maria Fodor - Special procedures for enforcement of judgments relates to minors
Lect. univ. dr. Marilena Marin - Land registry operations in civil enforcement procedure in the light of the new perspective of civil procedure code
Jud. Roxana Ioana Petcu - Civil liability of magistrates
Av. Octavian Popescu & Av. Călin Dobre - The competition between the enforcement of conventional mortgage recorded in the land register and the seizure
Av. Andrei Şărban - Enforcement of bank debts in the light of the new Civil Procedure Code (or about volume enforcements)
CLAUDIU CONSTANTIN DINU, MĂDĂLINA DINU - Limitation of forced execution
IOAN GÂRBULEȚ - Procedure of issue and distribution of amounts obtained through forced execution in the new civil procedure Code
EUGEN HURUBA - Conventions regarding the statute of limitations
EVELINA OPRINA - Duties of the bailiff in various special procedures
OLIVIU PUIE - Forced sale of real estate in the context of the new Civil Procedure Code. Aspects regarding registration in the land register of forced execution acts and the ownership acquired through forced execution
ANDRADA MIHAELA TRUȘCA - General rule and special rules regarding the beginning of the statute of limitations in the new Civil Code
GHEORGHE STRATULAT - The court – specific subject in the enforcement procedure in the Republic of Moldova
Ioan Garbulet - The protocols issued by the bailiff in the matter of enforcement
Eugen Huruba - Issues regarding the constitutionality of the seizure
George Magureanu, Florea Magureanu - Considerations regarding some of the regulations brought by the new Code of civil procedure
Octavian Popescu, Calin Dobre - The suspension of enforcement procedure in the terms of art. 718 from the civil procedure Code
Roxana Stanciu - Why the procedure of judicial authorisation of enforcement is (not) necessary
Andreea Tabacu - Recognition and enforcement of the decisions rendered in the member states, according to the (EU) Regulation no. 1215 of 12 december 2012
Luminita Tuleasca - Aspects regarding the enforcement of the outstanding debts representing health social insurance contributions due by the lawyers
Alice Cristina Maria Zdanovschi - Aspects regarding the annual budgetary law
Teodora-Aurelia Draghici - Aspects regarding the jurisdiction of the courts in the matter of partition
Claudiu Dragusin - The necessity to pay a security (guarantee) fee and the right of access to a Court
Evelina Oprina, Vasile Bozesan - (Im)possibility of the court to invoke, ex officio, the impediment of existence of the co-ownership or common indivisible ownership over the real property subject to prosecution, in the procedure of forced execution approval
Andrada Popescu - Theoretical aspects regarding the forced execution on immovable property in the regulation of the new civil procedure Code
Marius Radu - Some aspects of the enforceability of the judgment ordered in accordance with the Law no. 554/2004 as to the administrative litigation
Marius Eugen Radu - Brief considerations regarding the precautionary measures in criminal procedure
Andreea Tabacu - Brief considerations in relation to the actions of forced execution in the context of the debtor’s insolvency, according to Law no. 85/2014
Vasile Bozesan - Requirements from the perspective of the european Convention on human rights in the forced execution procedure. Brief considerations regarding the procedure of enforcement of decisions related to minors
Romulus Gidro - Theoretical and practical aspects regarding certain obligations of the employer in the procedure of enforcement by seizure
Eugen Huruba - The concept of “residence” in the enforcement procedure
Cristian Jura - Enforcement of foreign arbitral judgements in sport in Romania
Evelina Oprina, Roxana Stanciu - Admissibility of intervention in the matter of garnishment
Octavian Popescu, Ana-Maria Teoc - Considerations on the possibility of starting the forced execution based on a certi
Mihai Sandru, Mihai Banu, Dragos Calin - The effects of the preliminary reference to the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning the course of the forced execution proceedings
Andreea Tabacu - Lease agreement, enforceable title
Igor Coban - Special competencies of the bailiff, according to the laws of the Republic of Moldova
Roman Talmaci, Oxana Novicov - Measures providing enforcement – between tradition and innovation. Experience of the Republic of Moldova
Adrian Boanta - The enforcement of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 8/2014, or the State, “the most equal” debtor
Ioan Garbulet - Similarities and differences between the orders and reports issued by the bailiff
Cristian Jura - Certain considerations regarding the enforcement of the sport arbitral awards in case of sport clubs under an insolvency procedure
Florea Magureanu, Beatrice Berna - Changes to opposition to enforcement brought by Law no. 138/2014
Oliviu Puie - Issues relating to the sale-purchase promissory agreement and to its forced execution procedure in the context of the new civil Code and of the new Code of civil procedure
Toma Catalin Raileanu - Certain considerations in relation to requesting enforcement
Natalia Saharov, Teodor Bodoasca - Practical issues relating to the failure to communicate the fiscal and administrative documents, invoked in the appeal against enforcement
Valeriu Capcelea - The moral side of the bailiff’s behavior in the client consultation procedure
Viorel Mihai Ciobanu - Certain aspects regarding the enforcement and the setting aside of the arbitral award
Evelina Oprina, Vasile Bozesan - Indirect means of performing the enforcement
Paul Pop - Certain theoretical and practical aspects of the enforcement obsolescence
Andreea Tabacu - Enforcement of judicial decisions delivered by the administrative courts
Cristina Ticu Jianu - Enforcement of shares. A new method of the claims recovery introduced by the new Code of civil procedure
Traian-Cornel Briciu - Certain issues regarding the enforcement of bill of exchange or of the promissory note
George Clinciu - Considerations on art. 2.465 of the new civil Code concerning enforcement of the mortgage over claims
Arina Dragodan - Enforcement in tax matters versus enforcement in the civil procedure. Role of the revenue agent in the relationship with the taxpayer
Ioan Leş - Considerations regarding the State liability in the performance of the enforcement
Luminiţa Tuleaşcă - Concerning the (non)enforcement of the dedicated assets
Floria Vlad - Inherent difficulties in the procedure of judicial execution on movable assets set forth by art. 740 paragraph (4) NCCP – ordering the seizure of a vehicle based upon the date obtained from the Public Community Service for Driving License and Vehicle Registration
Alin Liviu Andrut - Considerations regarding the enforcement of other obligations to do or of the obligations not to do set forth by art. 903-909 of the NCCP
Robert-Adrian Deliu - The recognition and enforcement of judgments in matrimonial matters and parental responsibility in the member states, in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 2201 of 27 November 2003. Suppression of exequatur
Ioan Garbulet - Professional control over the exercise of bailiffs’ activity. Aspects of comparative law
Nicolae‑Horia Tit - Theoretical and practical considerations in relation to the appeal against real estate auction report, entry in the land register and the effects of the adjudication act, according to the Code of civil procedure, as amended by Law no. 138/2014
Emőd Veress - Controversial issues regarding the enforcement of some enforceable titles, different from judgments
Vasile Bozesan - Importance of the grounds of the judgments in the enforcement procedure
Elena Belei, Victoria Sirbu - Return on execution
Violeta Cojocaru, Diana Lazar - The legal framework for the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Republic of Moldova and its compliance with the New York Convention of 1958 standards
Laura Cristina Carcia - The suspensive effect of enforcement of the appeal
Eugen Huruba - Writs of execution issued by the bailiff
Ovidiu-Sorin Nour - Certain considerations on the new regulation related to the individuals’ insolvency
Evelina Oprina - The active role of the bailiff between theory and practice
Vasile Bozeşan - Romania at the ECHR in the year 2015 in the matter of enforcement
Igor Coban, Iurie Deleu - Particularities of the reconciliation transaction and the parties’ conciliation in the enforcement procedure of the Republic of Moldova
Bogdan Alex Arghir -
Viorel Mihai Ciobanu & Traian Cornel Briciu -
Alexandra Constantinescu -
Arina Dragodan -
Ioan Les -
Gabriela Răducan -
Claudiu Drăguşin & Vasile Bozeșan -
Prof. univ. dr. Gheorghe Mihai - Mentality as a source of law
Avocat Cătălina Dicu - Effects of the Decision of the Constitutional Court no. 895/2015 with respect to the appeals against enforcement regarding prior enforcement proceedings. The obligation of the considerations of the decision for the courts
Dr. Gabriela Cristina Frenţiu - Applicable procedure in case of joinder of enforcements
Ioana Gelepu - Attachment. 3 practical issues
Dr. Şerban Mircioiu - Is it necessary to approve the enforcement of the European writs of execution?
Avocat Octavian Popescu - Concurrence between the lien over a movable property and the right under a mortgage over an immovable property: practical considerations
Ana-Maria Puiu - Declaration of enforcement seen through the loupe of the decision of the Constitutional Court
Nicoleta Răduţă - Finding of a fact by the judicial bailiff
Judecător dr. Andreea Tabacu - Enforcement of the intuitu personae obligations imposed under court orders ruled in the administrative matters, in the light of the decision no. 3/2016 delivered by the Court of Cassation and Justice
Lector univ. dr. Nicolae-Horia Ţiţ - Considerations regarding the legal proceedings provided under Law no. 77/2016 on the giving in payment of immovable assets in exchange for the discharge of debts obligations undertaken by credits
Lector univ. dr. Dan-Constantin Tudurache - The privilege of the house owners’ association and the manner in which the amounts obtained from enforcement are distributed, when there is a concurrence between this privilege and the real estate mortgages
Lector univ. dr. Alice Cristina Maria Zdanovschi - Considerations regarding the revenue agent
Judecător drd. Vasile Bozeşan - The judicial and enforcement proceedings regarding the presiding judge’s order
Asistent cercetare drd. Georgiana Enache - The pursuit of earned income in the French system
Valeriu Capcelea & Mădălin Gora - Significance of moral conscience in the professional activity of the bailiff
Vasile Bozeşan - The issue of pursuing real estate by the creditor having a claim worth up to 10,000 lei
Nicolae-Alexandru Ceslea - The system of forced execution in the contentious administrative matter
Emilia Cotoi - The principle of rights of the defense within the enforcement procedure
Arina Dragodan - Extinguishment of fiscal claims through release payment. Brief comparative analysis with release payment regulated by common law and release payment in the case of loan obligations assumed through credit
Ioan Gârbuleţ - Comparative analysis between the disciplinary liabilty of the bailiffs and the disciplinary liability of judges
Ioan Leş & Claudiu Băra - Opinions on certain legislative proposals incident in the enforcement field
Răzvan Anghel - Refusal to enforce a court resolution ordering to reinstate in the post which he/she occupied prior to dismissal within an international organization. Jurisdictional immunity. Judgement ruled by the European Court of Human Rights in case KOKASHVILI v Georgia
Pavel Klima - Suspension of the driving license – a new means of enforcement in the Czech Republic
Ioan Garbulet - Legal nature of the expert assessment performed in enforcement proceedings
Cătălin Lungănaşu - Another interpretation of the provisions under art. 713 para. (2) of the Code of Civil Proceedings
Şerban Mircioiu - Particulars of enforcement of court judgments concerning definition of property boundaries
Vlad Floria - Reflections on the amendments of territorial jurisdiction of a court enforcement officer for establishing a garnishment
Oliviu Puie - Implications of the Civil Code and of the Code of civil procedure in the matter of civil contracts and of the enforcement proceedings of enforceable titles arising from the settlement of disputes whose subject-matter is represented by the civil contracts
Nicolae-Horia Ţiţ - The meaning of the collocation ”other applications on enforcement” used in art. 719 first paragr. of the Civil Procedure Code
Alina Ungureanu & Elena Gheorghe - Mortgage – writ of enforcement (in) capable of being enforced independently of the credit agreement
Anca-Magda Voiculescu - Psychological counseling of minors at the stage of enforcement. Current regulation from the perspective of the ECHR. Correlation with other special procedures in the matter of minor protection
Roxana Stanciu - Cause Vasile Botomei and SC Bartolo Prod Com SRL v. Romania
Roxana Stanciu - Cause Ion Adrian Martinescu v. Romania