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Considerations regarding some of the regulations brought by the new Code of civil procedure

In the regulations of the previous civil procedure Code, the celerity and efficacy crisis were both observed in the first phase of the civil trial, the one regarding the court of first instance and the appeal, and also in the second phase of the civil trial, which refers to enforcement. The lender is interested in recovering his claim as soon as possible and so restoring the law order that was violated. The new Code of civil procedure coveres in more detail the enforcement procedures, resulting in a larger number of articles then the previous legislation and yet, despite all of this we consider that some of the aspects require to be clarified and some changes have to be made.\r\nWe propose ourselves to point out a number of issues that we believe should get a new regulation, in whole or in part, so that the foreclosure activity may get even greater celerity,with the respect off all the procedural rights of all the parties.