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Significance of moral conscience in the professional activity of the bailiff

In the article the authors address issues related to the importance of the moral consciousness of personality in general and moral consciousness in the professional activity of the bailiff, in particular. It is revealed that the moral consciousness represents the perception of the fundamental moral principles, their application in the circumstances of the execution of judgments, the final judgment regarding what needs to be done and assuming responsibility for done deeds. The authors argue that the moral conscience, to be able to guide human conduct correctly, must be based, in the first instance, on truth, i.e. it must be lit to recognize the true value of actions and the consistency of the evaluation criteria, so that the bailiff knows how to differentiate good from evil even where social ambience, cultural pluralism, and coincident interests does not help this result. On the basis of the Ethics Codes of the bailiff and the legislation of Romania and Republic of Moldova the importance of moral consciousness in the process of execution of judgments has been identified.